Attractions - Cave Tours

The caverns stay a cool 52 degrees year round. To maximize your enjoyment, please bring a light jacket or sweater and wear comfortable walking shoes. Since a portion of the tour is outside, please be prepared for unpredictable Glenwood Springs Colorado weather.

Now Enjoy 2 Different Walking Tours

The Newly Expanded Historic Fairy Caves Tour - 45 min.
This tour leads you on a quarter-mile-long underground stroll through hidden regions, some of which were only recently excavated. Two years in the making, close to 1000 tons of rocky debris were removed by hand with buckets and wheelbarrows to create this amazing cave tour. You'll see highly-decorated rooms and even a section of underground canyon with fifty foot ceilings.

The Kings Row Tour - 45 min.
Journey down into the mountain on well-lighted walkways with handrails, to visit King's Row, the most highly decorated cave room in Colorado. A descent of 150 feet down through spacious passages to King's Row, the most highly decorated cave room in Colorado. Stunning formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws and cave bacon. A staged light show highlights the most striking formations. View Photo

Wild Tour

120 min. - Ages 10 and up (10-17 must be with adult 18+)
For a truly memorable Glenwood Springs vacation go deep into rarely visited areas of Glenwood Caverns for an exciting, on-your-belly, crawling and cramming experience you'll never forget. Coveralls available. Tours take place Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays, 10:30am-2:30pm. Reservations required. View Photo

All Adventure and Wild Cave Tour participants must read and sign a Cave Tour Liability Waiver. Certain cave tours have age restrictions that require parent or guardian consent and signature on a Cave Tour Liability Waiver. To save time, please download the PDF , print and bring this waiver with you. Please note: one waiver per person is required.


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